Once again the vivid insight into America’s celebrity infatuation is shown on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on February 13th. While the death of the respected singer Whitney Houston is a tragic event and should be honored with high esteem, to have two of the news stories solely devoted to her might be slightly much. My fear is that all celebrity deaths will become as much as an event as Michael Jackson’s death was, which continued for weeks. Again, not to say that these inspiring and talented artists should not be given recognition, but what about the millions of children dying from starvation in third world countries. This blog is not to try to make each American feel as though their heart is rotten and filled with nothing but selfish desires without a care in the world about those less fortunate, and yet it’s something to think about. Their is a continual need for help in those countries; so, should there not be a continual reminder on what many American’s watch everyday, the news? It’s not fun to look at famished lands filled with famished people, and yet it is a reality. It’s almost like the news doesn’t want to continually make us feel bad or annoy us with the everyday story of people in need, but could that not be a way to get America out of the comfortable bubble they have placed themselves in? The news will not create change, but it will let us see what is actually happening around the world. It takes becoming uncomfortable for change to occur, and until we become uncomfortable enough with the idea of hurting people the world will stay stagnate. The news tells what happened on that given day. Well, there are kids dying today! I don’t enjoy watching sad things as much as the next person, but the media is one thing I’m constantly surrounded by just like the rest of America. Politics, wars, and education are important and shouldn’t be eradicated from broadcast news, but the tear-jerking stories displaying the swollen bellies of innocent African children shouldn’t be either. News tells the story; we change the world.