Is it not ironic how the moments where it seems forbidden to laugh is when you’re holding back uncontrollable laughter by covering your mouth feeling like you’re about to burst? For example, while a speaker is making a speech in a lecture hall full of people respectively listening, you look to your friend beside you who happened to be making a weird face and both of you proceed to stifle the laughter but unfortunately the sight of one laughing only makes you wanna laugh more! That is the exact feeling I felt while watching tonight’s NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Lead stories such as Super Tuesday, Syria, and advances in a cure for skin cancer were serious and informative giving that traditional broadcast news “feel” to the program. When all of a sudden, the words “Making Room” are presented on the screen. Evidently, some airlines, like Delta, are starting to make overhead bins larger. For whatever reason I found this story odd, because minutes ago they were reporting on bombings and now bigger overhead bins? I sat there confused and found myself wondering what made them choose this news story. Could this story really be the best story they have tonight? Oh, but it got better.

Following the important need for us to be informed of plane’s overhead storage bins, a penguin pops on the screen. I found this penguin rather cute and entertaining, expecting them to talk about PETA or some movement against animals in captivity, but no. This penguin has evidently escaped from its residence in a Japanese zoo. Brian Williams continues to talk about this event and equates it to the film The Shawshank Redemption. At that point I completely lost it. I have always thought of news as being one serious thing after the other, but this story had me chuckling because they tried to present a penguin escaping from a zoo in a very serious and professional manner which almost felt uncomfortable. Brian Williams says this “fugitive penguin…scaled a rock wall, squeezed through a fence during a daring escape” and then follows that up with a picture of this penguin swimming in the middle of the ocean saying that’s the last anyone has seen of the penguin. After the picture he ends the story by saying, “That is the only lead we have in this case” quickly looks up and proceeds with “…in case you see anything” where I felt like inside he was laughing at the story himself. That was the end of an interesting to say the least news night with Brian Williams.