The news seems to always play off of one’s fear. If the headline of a news’ story indicates something that might cause me some reason to fret, why would I not read it to find out the solution or warnings? Broadcast journalism has an even bigger advantage since they can use our sense of sight and sound to invoke a reaction and keep us interested. Does news seem to harp on our insecurities a little too much in order to keep high ratings?

The Nightly News with Brian Williams brought up an issue that is prevalent in many girls’ minds as we head toward the beautiful season of summer: tanning. Skin cancer has evidently been increasing dramatically throughout the years by what they think may be the result of tanning beds and improper use of suntan lotion. Once that headline was stated, I’m sure most of the women watching the news immediately tuned in. For years people have been telling teenagers that tanning is a horrible thing to do to your body, which I’m sure is true and the statistics should be heard, however is the way they are presenting the information just causing irrational fear?

They tell the horror stories of women who went to tanning beds everyday and got melanoma and while this is important to hear, the story should be informative not simply keeping us at the edge of our seats so that we continue watching the news broadcast. That story was one of the longest stories broadcasted that night. They continually made it sound worse and worse until the end came and then it made me never want to go out in a bathing suit ever again. Instead of simply saying something is dangerous, encourage proper use of sunscreen and not make every woman in America feel like they need to go inspect every spot on their body.