When you think of Virginia Tech is not the horrible shooting which took place there one of the first things to come to your mind? What images do you see when the country Iraq is mentioned? For either of these subjects, many people are reminded of the pictures they saw on television during the time of the shooting or the war. The news has the ability to present any subject through the eyes of the reporter. What a task to behold.

In the Nightly News with Brian Williams on NBC, April 9, 2012, an interesting statement was made by a man from Tulsa, Oklahoma regarding the recent shooting, “This community will not be defined by the treacherous evil crimes of two individuals”. He brings up a good point; whatever is brought to the attention of an audience by the news should not define what that city, state, nation, or even people of the community are about. However, many news broadcasts have done just that. Even a place like New York City has evolved in my mind as a place where the disastrous event of 9/11 took place, and my mind can see so vividly the Trade Center buildings falling from what footage was shown that somber afternoon on television.

Even more drastic, the image given to places in the Middle East such as Iraq is shaped by what I have seen on the news which has not been very uplifting. The news is given a great responsibility of depicting an area which many of us will never see. Our views of such a place may be skewed by the news because of the biased opinion of the station broadcasting the story. The responsibility of a station is heightened by this warning, for the news station must be respectful of their audience in giving them the facts and simply that. The beauty of news is that the audience can then take the facts and form their own opinion and display this in taking action or being passive. The freedom of America can be displayed in the news not by putting a spin on a story but by letting the audience choose what to think.