It’s interesting how an audience will choose to watch a show based on what the actors look like. If they are attracted to the characters than many people will watch the show regardless of its actual quality. This seems to have infiltrated the news room as well.

The broadcast the The Nightly News with Brian Williams on April 20, 2012 seemed to catch my eye for other reasons than a good news story. As I was watching each reporter come on screen I soon realized a trend of good looking people. I find it interesting that each woman on the news had a pretty face. Could it be that you have to be good looking in order to become a news anchor? I understand that we are watching a person not simply hearing them and while radio requires a good voice, television requires a nice appearance, does that need to be in the television news as well? A quality reporting job needs to be a news station’s focus and I fear that is not always the case. Plenty of amazing reporters in the past have not been super models so why now? I only hope that our superficial outlook on media will not penetrate a resource that is about solid reporting and informing us about what is happening in our country.