When asking students if they are in touch with broadcast news they will often say they do not take time out of their busy schedules in order to watch a news program. Instead, they get there news from Twitter or any other quick online news arenas where they can scan the headlines to see if anything interesting or devastating has happened and then proceed to conquer the many other things they have planned that day. The news does not always seem to be directed at young adults. The fact is that the news is very important to a college student’s life for they are able to make decisions concerning their world and they now have an independent voice no longer tied to their parents. So why would they not take time to listen or read the news? Many students find it boring and inapplicable but interestingly enough, today’s broadcast on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams had two stories pointed directly towards college students.

The two stories, however, both included the intimidating reality of our country’s economic debt and how it is and will continue to affect the students. As a college student, I know the economy is down hill and to be reminded of how it will probably take most of my life to repay my student loans so that I will be able to have a solid college degree and then have another reminder of how that college degree might not be able to get me a job in order to pay back those loans is not the kind of news I want to hear.

News is not always encouraging nor should it always be, but people do not always want to be continually fed information that depresses them or seems over their head. They want to be informed and not forgotten. College students are voters; they help make decisions as well. The solution to this problem might not be clear, but the want and desire is there.