Every news cast seems to have some story on politics and while this is an election year and new developments happen everyday on the running between candidates it does not seem necessary to have a story on politics everyday. In NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams on April 27, 2012 within the first three stories, two of them were about politics. I am not trying to insinuate that politics and the issues within them are not important, but I think it is just as important to learn about the issues instead about what the politicians think about the issues.

Most of the things politicians debate about I do not fully understand myself. There is a need for the voters to be informed about what the issues are just as much as what stand the candidates take on them. The news should be dedicating some of its time to making sure their audience is grasping the concepts and issues that are being presented because unfortunately many of the voters will not take time out of their day to go learn about the issues themselves. To go in depth about the economy problems or to go in depth about healthcare could help the voters make an informed decision about who they choose to be their president.

I realize some of these issues are barely understood by professionals, but instead of just hearing what the politicians wanting us to hear and figure out our own side of the issue is important. The news should take on that responsibility because they are the ones many adults consistently listen to everyday. People often trust the news too much instead of learning about things on their own.