I have always thought of the news as a respectable place everyone could learn about what is happening in the world around us. There have always been disturbing images on the news whether it be a war or terrorist act. However, explicit sexual images have never seemed to be appropriate when I thought of standards for a news broadcast. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on May 4. 2012 seemed to do just that.

The story on the secret service agents who acted inappropriately while in Columbia was once again brought up showing pictures of the escort in a skimpy bikini. Are those pictures necessary? Having that pop on the screen while kids might be walking through the room or even having teenagers see that because they should be encouraged to know about current events is not appropriate. Everyone knows what a sex scandal is so why put that into an image? The news should not be where that is displayed. Hollywood might get away with sexual content but the news should not. Use of mature language and appropriate details should be sought out and monitored by the news station before airing a story like that.

All news content is not going to be appropriate for children, but the news should stay a classy environment where the news is given and nothing more. The facts are what is necessary for a successful news story, not Facebook pictures of a foreign escort. NBC should have standards beyond what Hollywood is allowing these days for it is a place for professionals and families.