A. I don’t think I have ever read a book that I just picked off a shelf blindly. I choose to read books that are suggested to me. With this being said, Dancing Over Kyoto NEEDS good reviews. People need to be talking about it to let other people know it is actually being read. I think the book would do well with a type of online forum where discussions about the book can be formed and the content can be freely talked about by those who enjoyed the book.

B. Howard College would be so much more appealing if they created a web page that appealed to the types of people who would be interested in the college in the first place. They need to be showing off their college using that “cool” factor that all college kids are seeking by showing using skills of JMC students and other departments to catch everyone’s eye. Display the information not only through paragraphs but visually displaying why Howard College is the best.

C. I can’t think of anything more frustrating than trying to find a price for something online and not being able to find it. When selling a product, one of the big selling points for the customer is the price. Putting simple information like that out there and not making the customer have to search endlessly to find necessary information about the pool is an easy way to make the customer want to buy that pool. Pictures are always good!